Benefits of jaggery powder

Jaggery powder is also known as nattu sakkarai, which is healthier and sweeter than white sugar. Jaggery powder is made up of sugarcane or palm trees with a quantity of sucrose. Jaggery is rich in nutritious and chemical-free. It is also effective at reducing the spice from any dish. Rather than involving sugar in your tea or milk, you can blend jaggery powder. Our naatu sakkarai is also used for some medical purposes. We have three types of jaggery powder includes sugar jaggery, coconut jaggery, and palm jaggery.

A Healthy Supplement

Our jaggery powder has various health benefits include rich in carbohydrates, boosts immunity, detoxifies the liver, is anti- llergen, improves your digestive system, purifies blood, controls blood pressure, purifies and cleanses the body, is rich in minerals and antioxidants, treats acne and pimples, helps prevent anaemia, treatment of cold and cough, boosts metabolism, a boon to the digestive system and helps in weight loss.

A Perfect Substitute

Our jaggery powder is the perfect replacement for white sugar to reduce the increase in sugar levels. It is also extensively used in the food and beverage industry to manufacture chocolates, sweets, and other health syrups and is also free from fat and cholesterol. It is also free from sulphur. It is mainly used for making Indian desserts like Pongal, halwa, laddoo, groundnut chikki, etc. And mainly helps in digestion and boosts immunity.

Medicinal Benefits

Our jaggery powder plays a very important role in the medical industry. It is used in both ayurvedic and modern medicine. In ayurvedic medicine, it is mostly used in tonics and jams. It is mainly used to cure digestion and weight loss in the human body. And most importantly it has some disadvantages an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, and eating too much jaggery powder is not good for health and it leads to cause allergy, cause constipation, and raises blood sugar levels, etc.


Jaggery powder has made of 100 per cent natural ingredients without adding any chemical preservatives. It is a mineral-rich component for a perfect replacement for white sugar and acts as an organic laxative. So taking jaggery powder instead of white sugar is very much healthier.

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