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JyothisPure - the best source for natural jaggery powder. Right from the beginning, we were known as a prominent trader and manufacturer of Jaggery powder and Wood Pressed Oil. It is not an overnight decision to build this empire of JyothisPure. We, as a family, worked hard to construct this brand for generations from scratch.


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Naatu Sakkarai by Jyothi's Pure is renowned as one of the most trusted jaggery manufacturers, founded in the year 1969. Our founder benchmarked Naatu Sakkarai as a strong brand in the market and competing with its Organic Jaggery products for more than 50 years in the industry. Our successful journey started from Coimbatore. Yes, Coimbatorians are our first customers. In the year 1985, our brand printed its footprints across PAN India with its strong chain of network, distributors and dealers of nattu sakkarai. We redefined our strategies for delivering our jaggery powders/packages online through our e-commerce portal. We organically and hygienically prepare Nattu Sakkarai, Herbal Jaggery, Palm Candy, Udangudi Palm Jaggery and Round Jaggery

Organic Naatu Sakkarai

You are the right place to buy jaggery powder online. We produce nattu sakkarai from handpicked organically and naturally matured sugarcanes. Our jaggery powder is highly welcomed by the consumer market. Consuming organic jaggery helps you in improving your health condition and in shiting to a healthier lifestyle. The uniqueness and speciality of our nattu sakkarai are that it has the right hardness, has a dark brown colour texture and it is completely free from adulterations and chemicals. We deliver the purest and 100% organic jaggery powder to our customers after passing the stringent quality test. Jaggery is the best healthier substitute for refined sugar and you can use it in tea, coffee, beverages and traditional sweets. By buying jaggery powder online shopping, we deliver the package to your destined location within a short shipping period.

Herbal Jaggery

Naatu Sakkarai's herbal jaggery powder is one of the top-selling products in the market. Mooligai nattu sakkarai has enormous health benefits and significantly helps you in leading a healthier lifestyle. All you need is to intake a spoon of herbal jaggery. You can take the mooligai jaggery with tea, coffee and other beverages. The jaggery powder is blended with the handpicked herbals that help in boosting your immunity which is rich in iron, zinc and magnesium. In fact, it is a natural remedy. It is the best replacement for white sugar and it is a healthy sweetener which delivers real sweetness. Buy herbal nattu sakkarai online from your comfort zone and taste our original herbal jaggery.

Palm Candy

We are one of the trusted producers of 100% original palm sugar in the market holding a large customer base. The GI of palm candy is 35 which makes it suitable to be consumed by all people and especially by diabetic patients. Palm sugar candy is rich in minerals and vital vitamins(b1, b2, b3 & b6). Panakarkandu highly balances the electrolytes which help the consumer to lead a healthy lifestyle. Palm candy from Naatu Sakkarai is prepared from the naturally matured palm and it is processed organically, thereby there is no chance for adulterations. Buy palm sugar online to taste the real natural sweetness.

Palm Jaggery

Naatu Sakkarai's palm jaggery is made of 100% pure and original palm sap. Karupatti has enormous health benefits compared to white sugar and hence it is a better replacement for you to taste the sweetness in the edibles. If you are interested to lead a healthier lifestyle then you must switch to panai vellam whenever you had a chance to consume it. Do you know Palm jaggery enriches your stamina? Yes, it does. People who had awareness about palm jaggery had replaced their refined sugar with karupatti. If you are confused about where to use the udangudi karupatti, we are here to help you with that. You can add palm jaggery in preparing sweets, beverages and sometimes as toppings. You can now order palm jaggery online through our e-commerce.

Round Jaggery

Round Jaggery from Naatu Sakkarai is produced from organically and naturally grown sugarcanes. The jaggery balls are of equal weight and uniform shape which helps the consumer to plan their purchase regard to their requirement. Our urandai vellam is 100% vegan and it is completely adulteration-free. No food additives are used to bring the texture and flavours of the round jaggery. Our vellam is prepared naturally from the matured sugarcanes to produce the best quality every time. Order round jaggery online to use the natural sweetener in Pongal and in other edibles.