A sip of tea brewed with jaggery powder

Ordering a tea blended with organic jaggery powder has now become a fashion. And, it has been trending like hell. Has jaggery taken a rebirth? We may call it as well.

The advertisements, portrayal and eye-attractive packaging design of white sugar have made consumers think that sugars are good for health. Adding to it, people started to believe that refined sugar is healthier.

Replacing a good one with a health-risking consumable product takes time to realise. Thank god! Yes, people are now conscious of the sweeteners they consume on a daily basis.

Changes in people’s perception of Jaggery

Every decade, we, people are experiencing a change in our habits. Change never changes. We used to ignore the advice of our elders on their views of consuming or trying out new things.

In fact, we force them to change and travel with us for the health-costing foods we intake. Ignorance had made us rethink and refollow the intake of consuming jaggery powder.

The usage of social platforms is one of the reasons behind the re-evolution of blending organic jaggery powder in our day-to-day life.

Jaggery as a medicine

There is a wise saying in Tamil “உணவே மருந்து மருந்தே உணவு”. The Tamil phrase goes like this “Food is medicine, medicine is food”.

It is absolutely true and we don’t find a chance to disagree with the proverb. Falling in love with sweet eateries is quite natural. And, pulling back your tastebud from tasting sweet dishes is impossible.

Try out to keep equity in eating the foods you like. You will definitely have good health to nurture in the long run.

The day starts with jaggery

We start our day with sweets. The statement doesn’t refer to the eateries. It refers to the beverages like tea, coffee, milk and so on. Consuming a beverage without adding a sweetener tastes no good.

Have you ever tried to blend jaggery powder with your morning sip of beverage? You would definitely like to taste it every day and every time you had thought of consuming tea or coffee. And, there is no going back.

After continuous consumption, you will start to hate the drinks that are blended with white sugar. Ahh! So lovely and delicious. Your love for organic jaggery powder becomes endless.

A good health

Organic eateries are always healthier. Jaggery powder has its own function too. This applies to the consumers, the day they started to consume nattu sakkarai.

Have you ever wondered why people consuming jaggery powder are healthier compared to others consuming other forms of white sugar? The main reason is jaggery powder has health- benefiting nutrients and minerals.

A spoonful of jaggery powder keeps the doctor away. In fact, you stay healthier, all day long.

Let’s check out the health benefits when you consume organic jaggery.

Aids in weight loss

You might be so worried about obesity. If you are one among them, it is time to make a change in the sweetener you intake.

Replace the jar full of white sugar with the organic jaggery powder. Did you know? Jaggery powder is a perfect detoxifier.

Hence, by intaking country sugar, you are boosting your progression in the weight loss journey. But, it greatly depends on the individual’s health condition that makes jaggery powder aid in weight loss.


Does your body find it hard to digest the foods you intake? Then, organic jaggery powder is the right natural remedy for you to get rid of digestive problems.

Nattu sakkarai greatly aids in the reduction of constipation. Also, if you feel your stomach is full and you don’t have hunger, then your appetite segregation level is not attaining its requisite.

Consuming jaggery helps you in getting hungry, thereby reducing the risk of associated health problems.

Immunity Booster

Jaggery powder is a perfect immunity booster. Fever and cold bother you during the monsoon and winter seasons. Worry less! Nattu Sakkarai is here to protect you from viral infections.

The nutrients and minerals in the jaggery boost your immunity.

Potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E in the nattu sakkarai acts in fighting against the viral infections that make you sick and feel low.

Adding to it, you stay healthier irrespective of the climatic changes. It helps you in reducing your infection due to cough.

Blood Purifier

The food we intake leave deposits in our blood as toxic substances. The continuous collection of toxicity in blood results in health risks.

It is greatly needed to purify your blood. This can be done by the food you intake. Jaggery Powder aids in purifying your blood. The day-to-day consumption of jaggery powder removes the toxins from your blood.

It is a perfect remedy to keep your blood pure and free from risk-causing diseases.

The Bottom Line

A sip of tea or coffee with a blend of jaggery powder gives you the best health benefits. We hope you’re on the lookout for organic jaggery powder. Jyothi’s Pure Jaggery Powder is prepared naturally from fully matured sugarcane. For more information, please visit Jyothis Naatu Sakkarai.

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