Udangudi Palm Jaggery - 500g


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Jyothis Pure Udangudi Karupatti is rich in iron and other essential minerals and helps to boost immunity. Helps in switching your regular white sugar with Palm Jaggery and enriches the stamina in your health. Our Palm Jaggery has amazing benefits of calcium, iron, folate, niacin, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Shelf Life 6 Months
Ingredients Palm Jaggery
Palm Jaggery Benefits Jyothispure Palm Jaggery is rich in iron and other essential minerals and helps to boost immunity.

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Udangudi Palm Jaggery

Nourish good health with Karupatti. Adding Jyothi's Pure Palm Jaggery is adding a nutrient supplement to your health. Savour the authentic flavours of Karupatti, prepared to energize you all day long.

Udangudi Karupatti is a staple sweetener of coffee and bestows your mood with endless happiness. The moment you taste Palm Jaggery, it melts to touch your soul by getting delighted with absolute sweetness.

Jyothi's Pure Tale Bella / Tulu gives you the esteem feeling of smacking the edibles and sweets fused with it. Our exceptional preparation technique manifested the choice of fusing Jyoth's Pure Karupatti with eateries and desserts.

Organic and pure Karupatti is prepared using the palm sap collected from the finest palm trees. To make Karipetti more sweetie pie, palm sap is boiled and cooled traditionally without adding chemicals and preservatives in any form in the process.

Jyothi's Pure Udangudi Karupatti is a complete delight and nutrition-rich unrefined sweetener. There is no going back after savouring the real flavours of Gul. Shop udangudi karupatti online to enrich your way of living.

We unveiling the health benefits you can bet on pure Palm Jaggery


Do I have to take extra care in storing Karupatti?

Yes. If the temperature of your storeroom is warmer then it is recommended to store it in a cool place. Karupatti tends to melt easily if it reacts to a hot environment.

In what types of foods can I include pure Gud?

You can infuse it in the preparation of tea, coffee, sweets and other sweetening eateries.

Is Jyothi's pure udangudi karupatti chemical free?

Yes. Our palm jaggery is completely free from chemical additives and sugar glutens. We make sure our consumers taste organic and pure Tatti Bellam.

What is the shelf life of Palm Jaggery?

The shelf life is 6 months

Which tree's sap is used in the production of karupatti?

We use saps collected from Palm Trees only. We never use sap from other trees.