Udangudi Palm Jaggery - 1Kg


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Jyothispure Palm jaggery is rich in iron and other essential minerals and helps to boost immunity. Helps in switching your regular white sugar with palm jaggery and enriches the stamina in your health. Our palm jaggery has amazing benefits of calcium, iron, folate, niacin, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Shelf Life 6 Months
Ingredients Palm Jaggery
Benefits Jyothispure Palm Jaggery is rich in iron and other essential minerals and helps to boost immunity.

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Udangudi Palm Jaggery - 1Kg

Karupatti and beverages always make the best combo you ever had. Palm jaggery has numerous health benefits one can avail on consuming it. Panai vellam from Naatu Sakkarai is prepared from 100% pure and original palm sap procured from organically grown palm trees. Organic palm jaggery helps you in maintaining good health condition. Have you ever tried karupatti added to edibles? Palm vellam is an unrefined sweetener and it gives you the taste of the edible beverage that you are tasting. What do you prefer? Karuppatti or white sugar? Palm jaggery will be the right choice for you. Yes! It is rich in minerals and essential minerals that boost your immune system. It is a perfect detoxifier and by consuming it, you are cleansing your body. Udangudi karuppatti is now becoming popular among consumers due to its nutritional value and benefits. Do you have panai vellam at your home? Have every sip a healthier sip. Order organic palm jaggery online to have healthier sweetening beverages.