How to Pick a Good Quality Karupatti?

There are some quality check considerations to ensure before selecting your karupatti (black jaggery).


Your selected karupatti should be in deep brown to black color. Free from discoloration and white color spots.


Avoid rock-hard texture karupatti ( black jaggery). It should be in a smooth texture without grains and lumps.


Aroma plays an important role in selecting it to smell like a rich, caramel aroma. Don’t buy any off smells or odors.


Select the correct brand, especially for karupatti and Jaggery. From their trusted source, you get genuine products without adding any impurities and additives.


Check the certification they got such as fair trade or organic, it denotes that the Karuppati has been used for sustainable practice or ethical.


Once you purchase, check if the package is well-sealed or not. Make sure there are any signs of tampering or damage in the package that affect the quality and freshness of the product.


Seeing low prices and purchasing the product is not a good way, Over cheap karuppati indicates adulterated or low quality. Beware of deals with low prices.

The above factors will help you choose premium karuppati for your cooking requirements.

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