Why choose jaggery powder in your tea (or) coffee?

Choosing jaggery powder for tea or coffee can be influenced by various factors:

Health Benefits

Compared with white sugar Jaggery has high health benefits because jaggery has minimal processing methods so that this will retain some nutrients from sugarcane such as potassium, magnesium and iron. When you use jaggery in your tea (or) coffee daily you get these nutrients daily.


Jaggery has a unique flavor with hints of caramel or molasses to your coffee (or) tea this will increase the richness and depth. Some people like the original natural taste of jaggery infused with coffee (or) tea without choosing plain white sugar.

Traditional Use

In Many cultures people use jaggery in their tea and coffee as their traditional sweetener. People who follow their cultural cuisine jaggery as a common ingredient in their dishes and beverages.

Natural Sweetener

There is no doubt that jaggery is the natural sweetener compared to white sugar. If you like to have natural form of ingredients in your beverages in your daily routine jaggery is the best choice for you.

Environmental Sustainability

Production method of jaggery has lower environmental impact compared to white sugar. Choosing jaggery can be motivated by environmental considerations because it may require less intensive processing and raise fewer environmental issues than sugarcane farming.

Ultimately, the choice between jaggery powder and white sugar in tea or coffee boils down to personal taste preferences, health considerations, cultural background, and individual beliefs about food and sustainability. Make your morning sweeter and healthier with naatu sakkarai’s jaggery powder.

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